Sibling Rivalry- What Should I Do??

Do you step in?  Do you let them handle it?? What really happened?? 

This is probably the hardest thing to deal with when you have multiple children of all ages.  We all want to do the right thing, but what is the "right thing" to do??  It truly hurts to see your own children hurting each other either physically or emotionally.  We know they need each other now and in the future and building strong relationships is so important!!

I've struggled through this myself with my 3 children and I know how extremely stressful it can be.  I have provided some resources to help with handling sibling rivalry.  Hope it helps!

9 Tips for Keeping the Peace

Why Teach Kids to Forgive?

Coping with Sibling Rivalry

Help Your Child Self-Regulate!!

It's difficult for adults to self regulate at times, but can you imagine being a young child with so many different emotions and not knowing what to do with them?  They may act out impulsively when they just don't know what else to do.

It's easy to get frustrated and yell at them, tell them to stop or ignore the behavior but THERE ARE WAYS TO HELP! 

 It takes consistency, practice and patience but in the long run it's worth it!  Your child will be able to handle stress easier as an adult and hopefully teach their children how to do the same:-)  As a parent of a child with problems self regulating as he was getting older, I wish I had these tools and helpful suggestions.  I've learned through experience that it's really hard and emotionally draining but stick with it!!  Don't Give UP!!!

In the article below, you will learn helpful tips and techniques to help your little ones deal with their emotions.  It's one of the most important things we can teach ou…

How do you Help Your Child Calm Down?

It is probably the most difficult and frustrating situation for a parent...your child is screaming, crying and can not control his or her emotions.

How do you help him or her?  First, understand that they are learning what emotions are.  They need help naming and validating them from the adults they are with.  How can we expect these young children to know how to do this on their own??

The article below is an excellent read and is extremely informative...A MUST READ for all Parents!!

How to Help Children Calm Down?

The Importance of Language

"Language is known to be one of the the most important predictors of how you are going to do later in life"
This article focuses on how language development affects the brain and how it affects children beginning in infancy .   Also, different cultures have different ideals when it comes to language.  Very interesting article, I urge you to read it and comment your thoughts!

Why the Way We Talk to Children Really Matters

Back to School!!

Is it September already?  Some kids are excited...others, not so much.  See the links below for tips to help you and your children with the transition back to school!!!

Back to School Tips

Pre-school Back to School Tips

Setting Healthy Limits on Video Games and Technology...You Can Do It!!

I'm a parent, I get it...sometimes it's easy to just let them play a game when you have things to do.  We are all human and we're not perfect parents but, we can learn to set limits early, so they understand what is acceptable for your family.  This article gives advice on how to actually set those limits for your is possible!

Healthy Limits on Video Games-

Importance of Developmental Milestones

I notice how difficult it is sometimes for Parents to hear that their child's progress in different areas of development may be slower than others.  It's so important for Parents to be educated and know what to expect of their child at different ages.  Knowing what is appropriate and not appropriate makes it easier for Parents and Teachers to work together to help children with any difficulties that might arise.  The link below gives typical milestone development for all ages.  Take a look...there is an app that can be downloaded also!

CDC Information for Families Regarding Milestones for Children