Setting Healthy Limits on Video Games and Technology...You Can Do It!!

I'm a parent, I get it...sometimes it's easy to just let them play a game when you have things to do.  We are all human and we're not perfect parents but, we can learn to set limits early, so they understand what is acceptable for your family.  This article gives advice on how to actually set those limits for your is possible!

Healthy Limits on Video Games-

Importance of Developmental Milestones

I notice how difficult it is sometimes for Parents to hear that their child's progress in different areas of development may be slower than others.  It's so important for Parents to be educated and know what to expect of their child at different ages.  Knowing what is appropriate and not appropriate makes it easier for Parents and Teachers to work together to help children with any difficulties that might arise.  The link below gives typical milestone development for all ages.  Take a look...there is an app that can be downloaded also!

CDC Information for Families Regarding Milestones for Children
Summer is almost here!  And so are those pesky bugs...the link below gives informative info about which insect repellents are good for you and your family- 

Also, children and families will be in the water this summer and it's important to know tips for water safety! See the link below for useful information-

Sun Safety is extremely are some helpful tips and information about sun safety!

These websites have lots of  information for other relevant topics as well.  Hope they are helpful to you!
How many times do you wish that you had a reliable resource to go to with questions that you need answered???

With an abundance of information on the web it's hard to know where to turn...

My intention with this blog is to help Parents and Teachers with reliable and helpful information on all topics related to children and families. 

Child Mind Institute has provided me with extremely useful information that I have used personally and in my work.  

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below!

"Play is a child's work"

The need for play in children's lives is vital for their futures!!  We believe strongly in the power and importance of play.  It's also important to us to educate Parents about play so we can work together to keep play alive for our children!

The link below is a phenomenal website for Teachers and Families with tons of info about play and gives interactive and fun ideas to keep kids engaged.  Check it out and feel free to give your comments below!

Welcome to our new website!  My passion is young children and how they operate, think, behave and learn.  I have been working in the Early Childhood field for almost 20 years.  Children amaze me, inspire me and make me wonder.  My goal with this blog is to share my thoughts, and useful information about a range of topics that are relevant and interesting to parents.  I plan to post website links and articles for all age ranges in early childhood.  Visit my blog regularly for info on different topics ranging from discipline/guidance to healthy eating for children.  Please comment if you would like to see a topic that I haven't covered or if you just want to thank me for info that was useful to you!  I would love feedback.Thera Rocco, Executive DirectorWestfield Day Care Center